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Its absolutely clear, that Saakashvili on the night of 8th August fragile mental health was broke
13 августа 2008
To kill or to treat
Its absolutely clear, that Saakashvili on the night of 8th August fragile mental health was broke

The history of the Georgian-Ossetic conflict sends us back to the beginning of 20th years of XX century, when on December, 12th, 1921 when the decision of Presidium of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Georgia about a designation of the city of Tshinvali as a capital of autonomous region has been signed. Then, at the beginning of the Soviet statehood nothing foretold a bloody drama of last several years which tragic culmination we have an opportunity to contemplate today.

During all time people who live today in territory of Georgia, were living peacefully in mountain settlements of Caucasus among picturesque mountains and snow tops. Geopolitical orientation to Russia always united them. Actually, Georgia has developed as the state under powerful protectorate of Russia. To Russia Georgian authorities have addressed in XVII century for protection against constant military aggression from Iran and Turkey.

The present troubles began at Georgia when Caucasians have started to search for applications of their southern temperament in sphere of a world policy: declared own independence, spoke about «Georgia is for the Georgian», etc. It has occurred in the beginning 90th when under chauvinistically slogans about Georgian unity bloody terror in relation to small people of Caucasus has made notorious Zviad Gamsakhurdia. But, its clearly known that the real catastrophe for Georgia has begun with geopolitical orientation to the West and demonstrative breaking of attitudes with Moscow.

17-18 February 2006 in Tbilisi under aegis of the European Union the International conference on safety has took place. There for the first time the representative of the European Union of attitudes with the near aboard countries Benita Ferrero-Valdner has declared, that «your friends advise you to provide safety of Georgia by peace dialogue with Abkhazian and Ossets».

Thus, the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has appeared the hostage of two, tearing apart its emotional soul, feelings: on the one hand, he would like to declare itself as about the leader of the European power, to become the recognized European president like Nicola Sarkozy and Angela Merkel and consequently he is ready toady with slavish humility to European «partners» to swear fidelity liberally-democratic principles. These principles for them have the same value that communistic ideals in the end 80 had.

On the other hand, Georgian government feels hypertrophied national pride and desire to declare own sovereignty as much as possible loudly; and its desirable - with use of knives and guns. And this national consciousness as approves. the professor I. Abaev, have a shade of fascism and tearing away of the small ethnoses living in the territory. «This criminal offence of authorities of Christian Georgian republic against one of national minorities, against Christian people of Ossetia is left unpunished. With monstrous cruelty systematic destruction of the population of South Ossetia is made. Ruin and plunder of dwellings, public and cultural establishments has shocked everyone who learned about it from stories of eyewitnesses and from telecasts», - speaks Abaev about acts of genocide.

All really great Empires, from Roman empire, to Russian or even Mongolian, loyally concerned to national minorities living in its territory. Always within the limits of such states a wide cultural autonomy of small ethnoses admitted. From the moment of the acts of genocide of osset in days of Zviad Gamsahurdin and finishing today's military aggression in territory of South Ossetia, Georgia has put itself in one row with dwarfish fascist regimes of the middle of the XX century. For centuries fraternal people the Osset, the Georgian, Kakhetian, Abkhasian were at war side by side supporting each other and protected freedom on fields of abuse, shedding blood for freedom of Georgia.

Speaking about Ossetic ethnos, it is necessary to mention general historical marks. In fact speech, really, goes about two folks which for centuries lived in friendship and consent. Ruling dynasties of both folks were closely connected by blood. The Georgian tsar Bagrat IV was married to ossetic princess Borene. Shining star of the Georgian history tsarina Tamara was an Osset by mother. Ossetic prince David Soslan, became her spouse and has wrote great pages in history of Georgia. Very known Georgian poet Grigol Orbeliani in one of the poems narrates about how under a banner of tsarina Tamara the army consisting of all tribes of Georgia has gathered, and lists these tribes: Kakhetian, Tushins, Pshavs, Khevsurs, Ossets... Today the century brotherhood is forgotten, and the Georgian management is ready to sacrifice small mountain ethnos its nationalist ambitions.

The operating international organizations is not in a condition to solve inflamed Georgian-Ossetic conflict. The NATO, neither OSCE, nor the United Nations are not in a condition to affect the Georgian president. Actually It is not their business. In case with Saakashvili we deal with a clinical case of an aggravation of megalomania aggravated of the heavy form of schizophrenia. Even the Hague tribunal wont be engaged in his case, and the world organization on compulsory psychiatric survey for the present does not exist yet.

Its absolutely clear, that Saakashvili on the night of 8th August fragile mental health was broke, and to solve South Ossetia’s problem its need to capture this sick man, who thinks of himself as the president, behaves aggressively and regularly gives inadequate orders. Really, only the madman begins war against people in day of opening of Olympic games. In fact even aggressive inhabitants of ancient Sparta stopped all wars for the period of this holiday of the peace and sports in Greece.

Its widely known fact when generals of Wehrmacht understood that the further following of policy of Fuhrer will lead Germany to catastrophe. Then the well-known attempt on July, 20th, 1944 has been planned and carried out. Hitler then has not suffered, logic end of failure on 20-th of July 1944 became 9th May of 1945.

It would be desirable to hope, that the nearest to Saakashvili management hasn't lost connect with a reality and wont allow a spiteful stepson of the American hegemony to result with ambitions of Napoleon Georgian people besides to a sad result in which Hitler has resulted the country.


Andrey Kovalenko

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