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A interview with Natella Speranskaja
30 октября 2011
Global Revolt!
A interview with Natella Speranskaja

The Global Revolutionary Alliance is a concept who’s time has come and New Resistance and Open Revolt are a part of it! What better introduction to the GRA, beyond reading the GRA Manifesto, than to hear about it from Comrade Natella Speranskaja – a driving force on the Moscow end of the Alliance and co-host of GRAnews.  Open Revolt is proud to present this interview between our own James P and Natella. As it’s been translated from English to Russian back to English again, please be aware any errors are strictly ours.

OR: Natella, it seems whenever we see a interesting or exciting project from Eastern Europe we see either your face in the photos or your name in the account of the event as one of the leaders of the initiative. Could you tell us about your past and what has led you to be such a strong activist?

NS: For many years the source of my inspiration was a spectrum of rightist political ideologies, which I have reached thanks to such representatives of conservative-revolutionary thought, such as Ernst Junger, Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, Oswald Spengler and Carl Schmitt. This anti-liberal vector has remained unchanged during all stages of my life. But if in the very beginning I was a supporter of the strictly rightist conservative-revolutionary movement, then later, having critically revised such of its components as racism (especially its worst form – biological racism), indulgence in front of capitalism and strongly marked anti-communism, I opened for myself the positive aspects of leftist conservative-revolutionary movement – largely for its anti-capitalist and Eurasian orientation. Both rightists and leftists are declared “enemies of the open society” by Karl Popper; the metaphysical similarity of both these movements was manifested in the anti-liberal ideology of national-bolshevism, that is of the left-wing of Eurasianism. This ideology solved all contradictions for me. Alexander Dugin named national-bolshevism a “political science and philosophical phenomenon, in fact a special point on the map of political processes, where rightists and leftists merge with each other in the self-sufficient and original synthesis of ideas”. Without deviating from my positions, I’ve run a permanent war with our ideological opponents, never forgetting the words of van den Bruck: “Eternity is on the side of the conservative”.

OR: You’ve been a key contact for us here in both the Eurasian Movement and now the Global Revolutionary Alliance which we‘ve been proud to join alongside you. Please give our newer readers a introduction to these two groups.

NS: The International Eurasian Movement arose in, Moscow, Russia, at the end of the 80s. Its leader and founder was and still is philosopher Alexander Dugin. Our organization has a lot of branches throughout the world (in Russia alone there 36 regional representations). The ideology of neo-Eurasianism began to develop already in 1980s, and has gone through several stages: from a little closed circle of intellectuals to a group of theorists, from the opening of the New University to All-Russian movement, from the party “Eurasia” to the International Eurasian Movement, as a self-sufficient structure. In 2005 within the Eurasian Movement a political organization “Eurasian Union of Youth” was created, whose ideology is, of-course, neo-eurasian doctrine. Since may 2011 I am the head of Moscow Network Headquarters of the Eurasian Union of Youth. The Global Revolutionary Alliance and Eurasian Movement are united by uncompromising hatred toward the main enemy — the global liberal oligarchy and New World Order. At present we can observe how two political actors are in the battle for world domination: the partisans of the liberal atlanticist American Empire (and its project of globalization) and the Rest of the world, that fundamentally disagrees with this project. The West against the Rest. But the actual Post-Modern West has lost the best European values – the honor, the virility, the boldness, the spirituality that were the marks of the heroic age. So we are not against the West as such but against its parasitic simulacrum of it which is in the hand’s of a illegitimate elite. Under these circumstances GRA rehabilitates the political (according to Carl Schmitt) dimension, that is almost overthrown by liberal-globalism, that tried to replace it with economy. On the threshold of the impending crisis we can talk of the total break of the economic system, that is, of collapse of the global project of our political opponents. Back in the beginning of deployment of Libyan scenario, the idea of immediate formation of Global Revolutionary Alliance as a powerful network structure, that has its permanent centers around the world, acquired the status of a critical need. We are glad that you decided to join to us.

OR: Many of us have been eagerly working our way through the Against Post-Modern World documents as best we can being mainly English speakers and readers. So many great minds in one place at one time! What were the highlights of this historic event for you Natella?

NS: This is the first time a conference of such a high level took place in Russia. The event was attended by leading intellectuals of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, traditionalists from Italy, France, America and other countries. We have united to challenge the Postmodern world. In the 20th century revolt against the modern world, proclaimed by great traditionalists Rene Guenon and Julius Evola, was a form of protest, rebellion against the reality, deprived of its sacro-centric dimension. Now, in the 21st century, we rebel against post-modern world, that has turned into a spiritless desert. And the goal of our International Conference was finding out, how do Tradition and traditionalism should we effectively treat the postmodern era. This issue was reviewed in the speeches of Claudio Mutti, Sheiks Pallavicini, Alexander Dugin, Christian Bouchet, Geidar Dzhemal, Laurent James, Valeriy Korovin, Israel Shamir and dozens of other participants. It became clear for everyone, that Russia becomes a bastion of traditionalism. Sheikh Pallavicini expressed his admiration of the unique school of traditionalism, created by the philosopher Alexander Dugin. I think, that the next conference, that will take place in 2012, will bring many more people, and, perhaps, will reveal to us new names.

OR: To us (Open Revolt, Green Star and New Resistance) we don’t hesitate to say we feel a deep kinship with our Eurasian comrades who have been nothing but loyal friends and supportive of our struggle. Can you give your thoughts on our work here in North America and perhaps any suggestions or criticisms?

NS: We are pleased that in North America political organizations were created, that share our basic principles. By joining the Global Revolutionary Alliance, you have greatly increased the power of the counter-globalist movement, whose aim is the total destruction of liberal oligarchy. The most important for us is the circumstance, that all participants of this organization and work – Open Revolt, the Green Star, New Resistance – are Americans. This is the right indicator, that eternity is on our side and that the enemy will be defeated. We think that the USA is occupied by a anti-American globalist elite, that uses American people for its own purposes. Our struggle is for social justice and opportunity to build own unique culture for all the peoples of the world – including, of course, Americans. Evola said, that the West was first to enter Kali-Yuga, and must be the first to get out of it. All this relates to USA. You have gone further than others on the way of hell, and you rise – as Dante wrote, from the other side of Lucifer. Thus your movement is very symbolic and valuable for us.

OR: How it is to work so close with Alexander Dugin? He is, by far, our greatest living inspiration!

NS:  Rene Guenon is called the teacher, who pointed the way in Kali-Yuga. This is equally applicable to Alexander Dugin, who, in my opinion, is the hope not only for Russia, but for the whole world. All his activity bears the mark of divine mission.

OR: Yes we couldn’t agree more about Professor Dugin. Where do you see the Global Revolutionary Alliance heading both in the short term and in the years to come?

NS: We can predict, that in a year the Global Revolutionary Alliance will include tens of thousands of the dissatisfied (our slogan is: “Dissatisfied throughout the world, unite!”), having turned into invincible, omnipresent and universally acting revolutionary movement. The final aim – destruction of the global oligarchy will be inevitably reached. Any scenario, ran by the liberals, will meet our immediate response – resistance of political soldiers, which is who we are. We developed a revolutionary strategy against the globalist project. Alexander Dugin said : “Against global liberal control what is needed is a global guerilla, just as global, as that, against what it is directed”. However, one should begin with the sphere of political philosophy. Foucault said, that will to power is the same as will to knowledge. One, who controls cognitive space, controls geopolitical space too. We start with spirit and end with matter (not vice versa). Revolution starts in the soul, in mind, in correct analysis of the situation, in the moment of making existential decision. The rest – is technique. The main thing in GRA is not to argue on details of our worldviews, but to act – effectively, decisively, quickly. In the struggle we will obtain our certain subjectivity.  

OR: Anything else you’d like to share?

NS: We are convinced of the need of an alternative project with a clear political theory, and more important, perfectly thought-out practice. Taking into account the collapse of the liberal economic system we can beforehand make a conclusion of the imminent demolition of liberal ideological discourse as such. In contemporary circumstances the world domination of anti-national globalist politics of USA itself is in question. We can no longer rely on the three political ideologies, that were actualized in the 20th century. In the 21st century they are completely outdated. Thus, we need another political theory. WE CALL IT “FOURTH POLITICAL THEORY” (the conception, created by Alexander Dugin, and in tune with such great thinkers and political actors as Alain de Benoist, Christian Bouchet, Alain Soral, Claudio Mutti, Dimitris Kitsikis), that stands outside of liberalism, communism and fascism. In order to formulate the definition of the Fouth Political Theory, we need to define, what does its political subject represent. But before it, we’ll define, what he is definitely not. The subject of the fourth political theory can’t be nor class (as in socialism), nor race or state (as in national-socialism and fascism), nor, especially, the individual, the subject of a hostile liberal system. Basing on the provision of the victory of liberalism, we will call the subject of the Fourth Political Theory that one, who is a radical opponent, uncompromising enemy and absolute antagonist of liberal individual. Who is it about? It is a question, that has no simple solution. We can stop on the community as on some “social body”, that excludes the principle of individual as an aim and centre; on community, that doesn’t accept individual identity, without which, as we know, liberalism is unthinkable. The 20th century was the century with ideologies, but nothing prevents us to pass after this stage to actions. To the mono-cephalic liberal society, to the atlantic project, to the global American empire we oppose poly-cephalic society and a multi-polar world. To the liberal (precisely to the neo-liberal) ideology we oppose the Fourth Political Theory, to the global oligarchy – the Global Revolutionary Alliance.



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