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Aleksandr Dugin speaks about a hierarchy of national heroes
17 марта 2009
Defective heroes
Aleksandr Dugin speaks about a hierarchy of national heroes

There is a hierarchy of victories, a hierarchy of the deeds we should be proud of. Today there is a tendency to put Bilan, Putin, Kadyrov and Arshavin with Guus Hiddink in the same basket. And Pushkin, whoever he was. Sergius of Radonezh… well, who is he? This way we disorganize our national identity. It will exist if it has a form of a hierarchy. Because if there is a system of values, there is a vertical line. And there is a crown (at the top), there are roots (in the bottom) in a vertical line. In this case, this hierarchy has a chance to shoot and blossom out. If the hierarchy is messed, than it’s is a tree, sawed down, cut from its roots. The most important, the most sacred victories are victories in war, because war is very concrete. If we defend our state, if we join territories, we should be proud of it. It means we are strong, we prove to ourselves and to others that we should be taken into account and be respected, and we confirm our title. That is the highest form of a victory. There are cultural victories. A festival, traditional music, a prominent book, literature. And by the way, people we are proud of today: Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, we didn’t value them during their lifetime, they didn’t get any awards, they were not recognized as geniuses. But still, we are really proud of them. I think that “Idiot”, “Brat'ya Karamazovy” that is what we can be proud of. As a victory. Besause it’s a spirit’s victory. In the same way we can we proud of the saints. We can. These forms of victories: national saints, this spiritual enlightenment are unconditional objects of pride. And I think there is a long-long interval to the level of sporting victories. Cause Arshavin and Blok are incomparable. In fact, Blok is a national hero. Arshavin is a national sportsman. Arshavin is a fine young man. But if we put a saint, a general, Blok and Arshavin in the same bucket, we will destroy our pride, we will muck ourselves, we will turn ourselves into idiots. You should be very accurate while building this hierarchy. Saints are in the front, generals and heroes are on the next level, then there are writers and painters, real writers and painters, then sportsmen come. With actors. Real ones: Tikhonov, Mordyukova, that have personified the national spirit. That is where the legitimate hierarchy of a nation’s pride ends. Then nonsense and rubbish comes, I think. Bilan… That is PR, absolutely artificial creatures, Sorokin with his black porno-prose, faeces. The layer that does not embodies the national spirit at all. These tendentions shouldn’t be included in the hierarchy. Then parody comes. Well, people that can not distinguish between authenticity and parody, truth and imitation, origin and a PR simulacra, such people are completely uncultured. My belief is that our national idea should be cultural, and it should be in the form of a hierarchy. It should be differentiated. It should provoke people to feel a deserved pride. I don’t object, some like Bilan, but you should be an idiot to like him, they should realize it. But national idiots are also needed, don’t offend them. Just don’t consider idiocy to be a norm. Say: “These are our defective Russian citizens. These defective Russian citizens have a right to take the side of defectiveness, although we feel sorry we have such degenerates” And if we say these, perhaps severe, but paternal words to Bilan’s fans, they will want to become better people. They will want to learn about real values to construct this hierarchy. And, with the help of God, they will recover. If not… they will take the blame. You can’t act like this, it is impermissible. One shouldn’t like Bilan, one shouldn’t listen to Bilan, one shouldn’t look at Bilan. It’s a total waste of taste, people who swallow it, literary say: “I have a bad taste, I am an ignorant person”. One shouldn’t think that it is at least a little real, one shouldn’t emulate it, one should feel shy about it, Bilan is a disgrace. And even if the West is evolving in their idiotic way, it is their way. Their idiocy is the product of their own culture. There was a boom. As for us, this era of “the evil 90-es” and also (in the cultural sense) evil 2000-s, we were totally ignorant and remain this way. So I think that Guus Hiddink may have a monument somewhere in Feodosiya, but naming a street after Bilan is a humiliation. That’s the limit where adequate national pride ends.


Aleksandr Dugin

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