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CSTO versus NATO
26 марта 2009
CSTO versus NATO
Alexander Dugin

How should we behave towards NATO? There is the question of Afghanistan, the question of  Iraq, and we are aware that NATO’s ships were and now are near Georgia. We are on the brink of war with this organization that is setting war bases around us, that obviously opposes us. And at the same time we have mutual war projects with them. How should we solve this conflict of interests? There are two points of view. The first is that we, nevertheless, should cooperate with NATO. This idea’s supporters say that in those areas, where our interests coincide, we should cooperate. In Afghanistan, as many people think, and in Pakistan, where a Wahhabism coup d’etat is forthcoming (or a disintegration), besides the country has nuclear weapons. To have a conflict in this area is disadvantageous, both for Russia and America. By the way, I, being a disliker of the USA, think that there is some logic in that. If our interests either coincide or are neutral, why not? We may cooperate. But I strongly oppose one-sided contacts with NATO (the Moscow-NATO model), as it hampers CSTO. Because when we ask the Armenians why they cooperate with NATO and buy their weapons, they answer “But you are doing the same! Although we are in CSTO, you make deals with them. You don’t enter it, neither do we, but you cooperate with them” Thus is hinders CSTO. My opinion is that we should construct a model of relationships “CSTO-NATO” just like we had the Soviet model “the Warsaw Pact-NATO”. In this case CSTO will turn into a real, full-grown union. And we will cooperate with NATO from the level of CSTO where our interests coincide and one-sided contacts with this aggressive-towards-us structure will be forbidden. We must transfer the Moscow level to the CSTO level. Those who oppose this idea say that NATO will not do it, as it is unfavorable, they will loose the ability to draw the members of CSTO into their domain of influence. Well, that’s brilliant! If America wishes to keep the track we allow them to use on the way to Afghanistan, they will recognize this, as Afghanistan is more important. Of cause, they will screech and express their  indignation. But in the long run, when they will realize that things are looking black, we are  standing our ground, they will recognize this. The decision is being made right now and the opponents of  the end of one-sided relationships, defend mostly NATO’s interests than Russia’s. It’s one and the same line, they say if we stand up for South Ossetia or Abkhazia, the World Community will ostracize us. Perhaps it is true, but we can’t refuse to defend our people. This logic is the same: if we do something against the West’s will, we will experience a severe punishment. We will, but not a severe one. We see that the West’s threats turn out to be a bluff. They don’t even have the money. They are experiencing an economic crisis. That is why you shouldn’t listen to this eternal Russians westernizers. We must think about our own interests. Russia is a strong country, Putin has roused it, Medvedev acts as President of a strong state, a free and independent state. We must continue this rational policy and we will be able to act strictly and act softly, but now only strict actions will do us good.


Alexander Dugin

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