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1 апреля 2013
Marko Franciscovic: great world battle is in front of us
The interview of prominent Croatian geopolitician

How do you perceive the modern world order? Is it just, fair? If so, why. If not, how should it be changed?

Modern world order is diabolical right to the bone, that would be the most accurate description of the world order today. Of course that what is of the devil cannot be just and fair for human being. If you understand this, than you know how this can be changed and that there is only one way, narrow way, but the only way. Or, to quote Dostoyevsky: “If there is no God, than everything is allowed.”

Now, of course, crucial question is how to be on the right side, on the side of God? How to avoid all false gods and all the deceiving which is coming from the father of lies? This is the essential battle and the battlefield is simultaneously going on individually in each of us, as well as collectively in each and every nation on this planet. Therefore, kind of a quantum effect is needed here, where this choosing of good instead of evil should be going on in these two places – individual and collective – at the same time.

Only this way mankind can hope for better world and just world order, not perfect, not any form of “heaven on earth”, but for world on the right path. Now, and there is no doubt that is so, world is on the path of utter destruction, world is submitted to evil and fruits of this path are here in all the glory of hell. Instead “how in heaven so on earth”, we have situation “how in hell, so on earth”.

If you wonder what am I talking about and if this is perhaps too abstract to comprehend, just this process of imposing genetically modified organism is something which is proof enough for building of hell on earth if you have basic knowledge of biology and all the facts regarding this corporate push for GMO food and all other genetic experiments and practice. This is not even matter of profit, profit is here just a tool for human servants of whole globalist system, this is pure evil manifested through globalist banking and corporate minions, and their government puppets, of course, and United States are here as their strongest puppet. What is real tragedy of humanity is that those servants are so blinded by their temporary power and wealth, and they are so short minded, that they don’t realize this is also their death sentence as well as of their offspring. Evil has blinded them, they are blinded who lead blinded, and they are all doomed to fall in the pit.


How do you think, the U.S. global hegemony is good or bad for the peoples of the world? What it is crucial in this hegemony: military power to impose, its culture around the world, the financial and economic factors?

Of course that US global hegemony is bad for the world, anybody's hegemony is bad, not only US's hegemony, we must be principal in this matter and rule out hegemony of any kind.

Second part of the question, what is crucial, I have written years ago in my book how is this interconnected and how is this working in principle, and you can apply it on anyone, US or any other state, no matter how big, or is it hegemonic or not.

You have to imagine concentric circles and in its center as a point is spiritual domain, everything is based out from this spiritual basis which can be either good or bad, but either way this is always the starting point no matter what, no matter even if you think you are an atheist, this atheism still determents your spiritual center like it or not. The first circle which is nearest to this spiritual center point is cultural domain. Even the word “culture” gives us the clue because we are talking about the cult of some kind here, and cult is directly dependent on spirituality. Then, after culture, comes next circle in political domain and politics is just broader form of its cultural foundations. Military power, economic power, financial power, these are just wider aspects of political circle, wider circles coming out of each other, but, there is something here that binds all these circles and interconnects center with periphery, and that is – money.

To understand how the money as money is binding all this circles together, you should know the real definition of money which is that money is “a number with the name”, and knowing this exclusive dualistic nature of money, to be at the same time number and name, mathematic and history, than you can understand and how money is here present at the same time in the center as spiritual domain, as well as in cultural, political or economical at the outskirts of this imaginary picture of organized social structure of human society.

Knowing and understanding this, than is also understandable how crucial is position of production and distribution of money and if you hold this position, then you control everything and everybody, then you are above the state and all the political players are subjected to you and dependent of you.

Absurdity of so called “credit ratings” is great example of what I am trying to explain here – states are trembling in front of some obscure agencies and their decisions. And who is holding this position of issuing and distributing money in the modern world? Not the sovereign states, but private oligarchic structures, and here is hiding in the plain view the solution for the world and humanity. Sovereignty of nation states must be preserved and they must regain issuance and distribution of money free of interest. This is so important that I will repeat this part of solution: money free of interest!  If money is in function of the man as a tool to help him just like any other tool, than there is no need for interest, but, if we want to enslave man with money, than interest is here to ensure this enslavement. Government which is really here for the people will issue and distribute money with no interest. It is as simple as that.

That’s the solution, but, of course, hidden money masters are not willing to let loose of their power that they gained and they must be wiped out from their position in the same manner as Jesus Christ wiped them in front of the Temple some 2.000 years ago. They do not understand any other language than language of force. No reasoning is wise here with them, it is just pure waste of energy and time, only brutal force and nothing else is what can do good and right for all mankind. 

Which state or group of states, social, or political forces could challenge American hegemony?

In principle, every state or group of states, social and political forces could and should challenge American hegemony. If they do not do that, then they are doomed for slavery in so called New World Order, but, to be perfectly clear, this fight against hegemony should not be reserved only against US, but against any form of hegemony, no matter who is trying to impose its hegemony over anyone.

Unfortunately, I must say that in this regard Russia is great disappointment in this challenging to the US / NATO imperialism, and here I am primary thinking in Russia role in aggression on Libya and treasonous vote in UN Security Council. This was directly against best interest of Russian nation and all nation states, and all current problems in Syria would been avoided in this form if there was not this move by Russia which against all logic and reason voted for NATO aggression and war crime making Russia participant in it.

Before this I regarded Russia as real opposition against New World Order, I gave Putin benefit of the doubt for all previous mistakes in his internal politics – here was this matter of money with interest one of biggest blunders of his – but after this Libya move I cannot see any real or strategic difference between Russia and America. Is seems that they are serving same master, just with different roles. It may seem harsh towards Russia, but as it is written, “judge them by their deeds”, and the deeds here are clear. Libya and Gaddafi were betrayed with no real reason. Nobody can tell me that Russia was forced to do this, I mean, all Russia had to do was to veto this imperialistic resolution put by US, but Russia aligned with this resolution and this was death sentence to Gaddafi, but, in the way, this was kind of suicide of Russia, at least Russia shot itself in leg and now is crippled.

And with this what is going on in Syria I am sad to say that in strategic terms Russia is in a very bad situation because it has lost a chance to have initiative towards US / NATO imperialistic tendencies and now is passively responding to the moves from the other side. Instead of preserving Libya and Gaddafi and through it gaining foothold deeper in Africa, Russia now has to beware of encircling and strategic squeezing from US / NATO forces and their proxies, not to mention long-term problem with China which is imminent to rise sooner or later because of multiple factors: historical, cultural, demographic, environmental, economical, etc.

What do you think about the ideas of globalism, «One World», a world government?

I think that from my previous answers it is clear that ideas of globalism and one world government I consider absolutely unacceptable in any form. Let’s put it this way: to accept one world government means to deny God and to deny God means to deny freedom and embrace slavery, because if we are not made on the image of God than we are nothing more than animals and we accept to be treated as one. Even Voltaire understood that God is essential in any tendency for liberty when he said: “If there is no God we must invent one”. Also, there is no middle ground here, as it is written, you cannot serve two masters.


How do you feel about the idea of a multi-polar world order? What is multipolarity for you?

I do not like this idea of multi-polar world, and let me explain why. First, what does this multi-polarity means? Why does humanity need any kind of polarity outside polarity of good and evil? There are only two poles in this world: either you are with God, or you are not. And there is no place here for any other pole. It is as simple as that.

Furthermore, this idea of multi-polar world seems to me like idea of multi mafia dons – now there is one dominant mafia don (US) and alternative that is offered by this idea of multi-polarity is to accept more mafia dons so this current one is no more so dominant. I don’t want mafia dons dominating me in any form: mono or stereo or multi.  I want to be free as human individual and to be free as nation, and above the nation state there can be only God and nobody else, and this should apply equally for everybody, for all nations of the world no matter how big or strong they are. All nation states should correspond on equal terms and there cannot be any privileged states like there are now in form of this UN Security Council which is in its core a form of legalized imperialism. My nation doesn’t need patronization like we are little children and immature to be equal with other nations, and this applies to all nations as well. I will never accept and bow down to this unfair UN principle of double standards, same as I will never accept EU / NATO occupation of Croatian state as legal and legitimate. This integration of Croatia in EU is pure treason by this criminal regime and it is also conducted outside current laws and constitution, which is not problem to prove, but we are living in tyranny and liberal dictatorship where only law is the law of the force. Criminal political establishment is conducting its will regardless of laws and in this regard there is no real difference form EU or US political establishment, failure of rule by the law – while at the same time loudly proclaiming that they are law obliging – is characteristic of this dying civilization, and lawlessness of Croatian treasonous political clique is just servants mirroring their masters.    

How do you see the role of your state in a possible multi-polar world system? What is crucial for the Geopolitics of Croatia? What kind of relations do you think your country should have with Russia, the USA, European countries, Balkan countries.

There is only one way I see state of Croatia and that is as independent nation state, no matter if world is multi-polar or mono-polar. In any case, Croatia is either independent or occupied, there is not compromise on this and it has never been in human history. Freedom is absolute term, you are free in full meaning of it, or you are not free at all. You cannot be partially free, that is just fancy term for being a slave and people like to fool themselves and don’t want to admit to themselves harsh reality of being slaves or servants and then they construct these terms which are in contradiction with logic and reason. Usually to justify their passivity, cowardly and lack of will to fight with all the risk that comes with the fight.

At this moment crucial for geopolitics of Croatia is to get rid of this treasonous and criminal political clique and free itself from EU / NATO occupation. This is absolute priority, only after this we can consider other geopolitical moves of Croatian state which are dependent on local as well as global situation at that moment of liberation from current occupation forces.  Naturally, as truly independent state, Croatia has great interest in developing good relations with Russia on mutual benefits. Our position on the Adriatic coast is best way for Russia to reach Mediterranean Sea, and Croatia only on this card can position itself and prosper well on this geopolitical fact.

I have written in my book about it in great details and how on relatively small Croatian territory there is a meeting point of two biggest European nations – German and Russian, and only by holding to our independence and statehood we can in our best interest connect Germany and Russia and profit in the best meaning of this word. It is not coincidence that opposing power in form of London, and later Washington, which is essentially the same thing, has created and controlled Yugoslavia as their tool against both Russia and Germany and to block their access to the Adriatic. My opinion and analysis point towards conclusion that First World War was primary conducted with goal to cripple Russia which was just to finish Trans-Siberian Railway and London has rightfully concluded that strategically Russia with its great human scientific and cultural potential combined with huge natural recourses will soon overtake British Empire so they have activated all their agents. First from Belgrade to start the war and lure Russia in this pointless war, and later agents directly from Russia to conduct the revolution after the war has drained Russia in every possible way. Results of this Bolshevik revolution were devastating for Russian nation and instead of being European and world power, Russia was doomed to civil war and destruction of its human and technological potential. Later on, with Second World War, same concept of confronting Germany and Russia was repeated on satisfaction of London and Washington strategic interests.

This strategic goal has not changed and we can see how London and Washington through their servants in Balkan are constructing barrier both for Russia and Germany with tendency to, if possible, directly confront them again. My vision is, instead of this confrontation, to build cooperation and some kind of alliance against London and Washington, to break up EU and NATO from within playing on the card of German liberation from occupation. Germany as a nation is suppressed and tyrannized by London through their Zionist oppressors and domestic servants. In fact, Russia can liberate Germany from this occupation and by doing this help itself in the best way by reversing what London has done for decades – now Russia can be one using Germany against London, not the other way around. This is not at all some big secret, if you read what Kissinger is writing you can see how he openly says that the main threat against Anglo-American world domination is potential alliance between Russia and Germany and that this must be stopped at all costs. Smart and wise politics, both Russian and German, would be just opposite of these Anglo-American plans, and Croatia, because of our geopolitical position, here can play crucial role in its own best interest. Croatia can and should be geopolitical connection of Russia and Germany, but only as fully independent state and on equal terms with all involved in this scenario.

What trends of world development you think are negative, and what positive? What can be done to overcome the first and support the last?

All trends of world development are positive, there cannot be negative development because if something is negative, than it is not development but degradation. But, I understand what you meant here, and scientific findings and technology development are definitely positive things that can be used to develop the world and only thing that makes them negative and destructive is human factor. Here we are again in the field of spirituality, this center of all circles, here we have again this battle of good and evil, because this is what determents whether world is developing or degrading. Today, there is no doubt about this, this evil trend is dominant and as a result we have world situation as we have it.

In that sense, to overcome this degradation and destruction of mankind, we have to find the truth and stick to it no matter what because only the truth shall set us free from slavery to lies and father of lies and all his servants.

Share your vision of the "the Future" for your country, the civilization to which you belong and the world.

I have already pointed out what is necessary for Croatia to do to have any future and how is urgent to liberate ourselves from globalist occupation and treasonous clique and what would then free and independent Croatia do in geopolitical terms as well as in internal organization where crucial thing is taking control over issuance and distribution of money free of interest. Relived of this financial vampirism, Croatian nation and state would explode in development and prosperity just like did small state of Dubrovnik which at one moment had second largest merchant fleet in the world. There is no reason to repeat and even surpass this achievement, it is all question of knowledge of running the state and understanding that freedom is generator of all the wealth. In the terms of statehood, freedom is national sovereignty and therefore we must hold to it and never consider any other option but independence and freedom.

This would be idealistic goal, but reality is very gloom not only for Croatia, but for whole western civilization with Russia as a part of it regardless of its specific position. Demographic data are relentless and it shows that all European nations are dying and in some 50 years there would be a handful of Croatians in Croatia, as well as other European nations in Europe, and different foreign ethnical groups will be dominant and this is hard fact with whom we can face and deal with it like a man, or ignore it, “thinking positively” and doing nothing like some old women.

Croatians, as well as other Europeans, will be minority, and in average very old minority. This culture of death can be reversed, of course, but without finding our true spiritual center from which grows all life this is impossible and our civilization and all nations in it are otherwise doomed to failure and extinction.

However, one thing is certain, great world battle is in front of us, you can hear it coming, you can feel trembling of the earth from the marching armies, and in this coming battle everyone will have a chance to choose side and by this choice determine eternity. 





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