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28 февраля 2011
Beat them, Gaddafi!
The Eurasian Youth Union's statement

A new front of struggle against globalism, a real, cruel and murderous struggle, was opened in Libya. The Western states and, mainly, the USA organized a counter-revolutionary revolt in this country. Their aim is obvious – to shift an unwanted regime, gain an access to resources of the country, finish their plan on reformatting the Middle East. The Libyan Jamahiriya does not fit in the liberal global project. It is a sovereign state with absolutely independent foreign policy. It is a leader of the once oppressed and now confidently asserting themselves the Third World countries.

Libya and its leader Muammar Gaddafi has demonstrated to the whole world that another way of society development than that one suggested by Liberals and Capitalists is possible. The Libyan Jamahiriya is a living example of the fact that Liberal “market laws”, dogmata of “human rights”, parliamentary and presidential democracies, multi-party system is just a way of keeping the majority under control of a small group of exploiters-Capitalists.

The Western democracy is false to the core. The Libyan revolution proved that democracy, a direct democracy, can exist without multi-party system and even without elections. A successful economy can also exist without humiliating for human dignity market relations with slaveholders – Capitalists, and employees – in fact slaves. In the Libyan Jamahiriya people govern themselves; it is not even a state in the ordinary sense, but a federation of self-governing communes, an effectively working structure of People’s self-government.

Sovereignty of the people, freedom, Socialism, as well as respect for traditions, recognition of differences of nations and cultures – this is the credo of the Libyan revolution and its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Here is his quotation:

“The Green book says that customs and religion of every society, every nation – is a permanent law, that should remain invariable. You have seen constitutions of countries worldwide. They are ridiculous, scandalous. Some people have written a book and are imposing it on the society. And then they easily change it a lot of times in compliance with the needs of rulers.

However, religion cannot be altered. Maybe you do not trust in God, it is a private matter. But there are traditions and customs that do not alter – this is the genuine constitution, the genuine law”.

The Libyan revolution is in essence a Conservative revolution that suggested the third way, the way between the Western Capitalism and its Liberal cover, on the one hand, and the Western left theories, which deny the importance of Tradition. The universal historic importance of Gaddafi’s doctrine, stated in the Green book, can scarcely be overestimated. Gaddafi is undoubtedly “our”, Conservative and revolutionary, Eurasian, National Bolshevik hero.

The existence of this reference point for revolutionaries worldwide and for those conservatives, who understand, that maintenance of core values is possible only with genuine freedom of the nation, is at stake. Pro-Western Liberals, Islamists, working on behalf of the US, demagogues of every color befuddle people. The West applies all groundwork of color revolutions in Libya. News agencies and TV channels broadcast the lie of Western hirelings. There is no serious evidence of these facts; however, the mass media continue to speculate with unfounded accusations and spread rumours and just fabrications of specialists in information warfare.

The Eurasian Youth Union appeals to all opponents of the New Global Order, all opponents of the globalism, both Left and Right-wing, to support the Libyan Jamahiriya and its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Freedom, sovereignty of the people, identity, tradition, independence – are the principles that he is defending now from rebels. The Libyan revolution has a right to defend itself and no “international community” dares to reproach it.

The Libyan revolution cannot be defeated as well as pursuit of happiness, attachment to native home and comprehension of unity between your destiny and destiny of your nation cannot be defeated. The great ideas live through us and continue to live after our death. They are out of time and space. Gaddafi in Libya fights against unipolar world and, consequently, he fights for Russia and Russians, Chinese, Armenians, Greeks, Persians, Germans, for all nations against globalism monster. Beat it, Gaddafi! Our revolution has just begun. Nothing has been lost, yet nothing has been lost.


The Eurasian Youth Union

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