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American project Guamtanamo: on the threshold of autumn exacerbation
11 2008
American project Guamtanamo: on the threshold of autumn exacerbation

Recent international events connected with Russias recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia leave no doubt about that in the nearest future we are to expect serious geopolitical shifts. Russia has shown that it does not intend to put up with the wish of the USA with the help of arms to impose on the mankind freedom and democracy in American way. Provocative maneuvers of Natos navy in the Black Sea under the pretence of humanitarian aid to dictatorial regime of Saakashvili, it is only bluffing aimed at exacerbation in the Black sea region, including supplies of combat weaponry and arms to Georgia. Bogged down in Afganistan and Iraq, Washington cannot allow itself direct collision with Russia.

Having got a political flick on the nose Washington will not be able to give up morbid-maniacal desire busy itself with political wreck regarding Russia. Russias perspectives to enter into WTO seem already not so evident. However there is here the other side of the coin: the West is economically interested not less than Russia in its entry into WTO. Therefore Moscow will be able to return to this problem. Today the strategy of the USA to limit Russia on the world political space is more visible. In the first place will be set in motion such an international organization as a notorious Guam.

The organization of democratic choice and economic development (Guam) was created on the initiative of the Washington strategists in October 1997. From the very beginning it was planned as the necessary counterbalance to the Commonwealth of Independent States. Most countries of the former Soviet Union had formed CIS and the basis of it had become economic cooperation. However after a while on the foundation of CIS military projects within the frames of The agreement of collective security and Shanghai cooperation organization began to develop. Washington took it with obvious irritation, particularly after China had joined the military project.

According to Guams regulations it is said that the main aim of the organization is assertion of the democratic values, strengthening of international and regional security etc. However, according to the Washington founders, the main task of Guam is to overcoming the integrating tendencies on post-Soviet territory. The leader of integration creating threat to American geopolitical interest is Russia. Thats why the true aims and activity of the organization are camouflaged with a gushing rhetoric about democratic values, rather it is creating the threat to that very democracy and security on the post Soviet area. Thus Guam was and remains the political organization of far-reaching aims: to consolidate round the USA all potentially anti Russia minded leaders of states that had formerly been the Soviet Republics.

Originally the members of Guam became Georgia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Moldovia. In accordance with the first letters of the names of these states was created an abbreviation Guuam. But after some time president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov understood that the Western partners behavior was a naked hypocrisy. Formally supporting Karimov sworn friends sponsored and maintained Uzbek opposition. On American money to protest against authorities all were attracted, beginning with Islamites Hizb ut-Tahrir and ending with Liberal opposition, Human Rights advocates etc.

After Islam Karimovs retaliatory measures, upon Uzbek authorities was brought a hailstorm criticism of international fighters for freedom and human rights who were working off diligently money of American taxpayers. Human rights advocates stood up for both radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir and Islamic movement of Uzbek and for the rest offended and leprous representatives as well as liberal, blue, rosy, orange and other minorities. Insufficient loyalty of Uzbek president to Washington led to transformation of Islam Karimov into the rank of enemies of democratic values. Finally in 2005 I.Karimov initiated withdrawal of his country from Guuam. The strange organization under the abbreviation Guuam was turned into not less fanciful amalgamation nicknamed Guam.

The train of orange and rosy revolutions on the territory of former Soviet Union showed that the single criterion of democracy in American way remains loyalty to Washington of local elites. Thats why all those who are displeased and disloyal are to be pronounced an anathema and corporal punishment. On well established tradition it is carried out through employment of the international institutes and mass media. All stumbled and disloyal are accused of undemocracy, despotism, infringement of rights of various minorities etc. And as the need arises involving domestic opposition under the pretence of the next revolution and the state coup detat can be arranged. Loud statements about Freedom of speech, Human rights, Democracy are destined for world public and ignorant citizens. This is only an entourage disguising the veritable geopolitical aims of the State Department of the USA: strengthen its geopolitical influence and military control on the post-Soviet space.

All Guam countries are situated on the territory of strategically important regions for the USA: the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. All present countries members of this organization have state integrity problems. In overwhelming majority of these countries (except the Ukraine) there have been ethnic conflicts and a part of their territory de facto have gone out from this compositions with all countries involved into territorial conflicts, to manipulate its junior Guam partners and manage smoldering conflicts in favour of its geographical interests.

Coloured revolutions in Georgia and the Ukraine with the subsequent coming to power M.Saakashwili and V.Yushenko only activated Guam. With the support of the western partners summit of Guam took place in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The both presidents in their policy demonstrated their readiness to give up the sovereignty of their countries and fall under the protectorate of the USA. Actually having betrayed the interests of their own countries for the benefits of the American interests, they steadily follow the geopolitical aspirations of the USA. Desire to do their best to please the State Department is reinforced with the perspective for Georgia and the Ukraine to join the North Atlantic block NATO.

Taking into account the events in Transcaucasia and including recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, we are likely to expect even greater activism of Guam. Having undertaking military adventure Saakashwili could kiss the whole lot goodbye as for the territorial integrity of the Georgian state. Being unable to win at the military front, Saakashwili and his companions-in-arms to satisfy the USA will do their best to vent their anger at the political front. In their turn international Human Rights advocates in the death of more than two thousand Ossetins were unable to discern the fact of genocide of the whole nation that has been living in the Caucasus since ancient times.

The first steps have been made Georgia, in spite of the evident minuses in economic sphere, has already declared its withdrawal from CIS and the parliament supported Saakashwilis decision. The fact that it will not hit Russia but the common people of Georgia does not interest the current president of Georgia. Therefore the main efforts in foreign policy will be turned to activation of the American project under the ridiculous abbreviation Guam. Saakashwili will be supported by the other ardent custodians and defenders of values of freedom and democracy in the American way, such as V.Yushenko.

Young fighters for democratic values have not so many choices. Saakashwili and Yushenko had gone too far in symptomatic obedience to the transatlantic partners, domestic foreign processes both in Georgia and the Ukraine as well as the unsteady position, force the both presidents to transfer all attention of the public onto the international scene.

One cannot doubt in anti-Russia trend of the forthcoming events under the auspices of Guam. We shall have to listen to hysterical accusations of Russia in aggression against freedom and democracy and also in oppression of ethnic, religious as well as liberal and the other sexual minorities. The USA with great pleasure will give the international rostrum for paranoid attacks against Russia. Therefore in the nearest future in the political bureau under the nickname GUAMtanamo will reign the unanimity, atmosphere of the American freedom and democracy dressed under the anti-Russia schizophrenic mood and malicious and maniacal subversive plans.


Rinat Pateev

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