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All on struggle against the Georgian disinformation!
9 августа 2008
All on struggle against the Georgian disinformation!
It is obvious for impartial observers the gap that lays between the Western propagandistic system and the real state of things

The goverment of Georgia and the western world hide the real information about the war in Southern Osetia and tune the news about the war to produce prefigurated and distorted impressions.

The double standard in interpretation of what is going on there is of immense importance regarding moral, humanitarian and geopolitical consequences. The watershed that separates the Western and the non-western sides observing the conflict brightly appears in informational sphere.

It is obvious for impartial observers the gap that lays between the Western propagandistic system, which inconditionnaly supports Georgia and its President, and the real state of things. The american president, the american governement, the nationalistic russophobic Ukraine leaders deckare, that Russia must not take part in this war jadged to be neo-colonial.

The russian prime-minister Vladimir Putin, who was recently in the refugee camp in the North Osetia, seing the physical tragic results of this war, declared yesterday, that the military operations of Georgian goverment against Ossetian civil polulation was the real genocide. And if it's not the genocide, then what's it?

The 7th august Georgia used the tactics of the "burning ground".Georgia dive-bombed the osetian villages and cities, erased trhe houses and living creatures with heavy tanks, killing everybody, who was on the way.

Pavel Zarifullin, the leader of International Eurasian Youth who was present in Zkhinvali yesterday, tells us, that the georgian soldiers recieved a command not to take prisoners. This is the reason, why the georgian soldiers killed the russian peacemakers straight off, shooting at the peace-makers's heads. The georgian soldiers made the ethnical cleansings. The georgian soldiers had to kill everybody - even old people, women and children.

During the battle for Zkhinvali, the central office of Ossetian TV was hardly attacked. The workers of the TV hide in cellars.Now all people, who are still alive, hide in cellars without any food, medicines and even water.The georgian soldiers are seeking for this cellars and are destroying them with chemical grenades.

About 4.000 people of South Osetia are killed.The georgian army blokades the possible ways of evacuation of wounded people.The cars with doctors and medical help are constantly attacked by snipers.

But, moreover Saakashili kills the georgian nation.The massmedia and the tv of Georgia tries their best to hide the real numbers of killed people of georgian army. But this numbers are presumably very high and is sure to grow in the near future.

Many young people of Georgia, who are mobilized, refuse to participate in the new Saakashvili adventure.

The georgian people now starts to hesitate - was the war with such the costs necassary? Now many people organize mass-meetings to protest against the tyrannical and the destructive politic of Saakashvili.

Now, nobody can predict closely the further development of the events.But, It's obvious, that Saakashvili is comdemned to death.

From the historical view it would be normal, if Saakashvili dies beeing doomed by his own nation. Many georgian dictators - recently it was the case of Gamsakhurdia - were exectuted by the will of georgians deceived by their opportunistic and voluntaristic gouverning. To kill Saaskashvili is the task of georgian people itself. I think, it would be the best and effective gesture, which will show, that the georgians are not agree with the politics of this criminal and irresposibli extremist.


Elias Dmitriev

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