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Eurasian Tribunal Creation Memorandum
11 августа 2008
Eurasian Tribunal Creation Memorandum
In connection with the arrest of Radovan Karadžić

1. International Eurasian Movement expresses its indignation with the arrest of Radovan Karadžić, first President of the Republic of Serbia. The governing body of the Eurasian Movement knows Karadžić as a passionate fighter against American hegemony and atlantist ideology, Serbian patriot, adherent supporter of Serbian-Russian friendship.

2. The extradition of President Karadžić to the antihuman Hague Tribunal - which has already killed President Milosević - equals the death penalty. The West will not forgive Karadžić for his patriotic beliefs. Karadžić will be executed.

3. The responsibility for this future murder is already undertaken by the marionette government of Boris Tadić, whose only aim is to cleanse and divide Serbia as his American hosts want him to. Yesterday Tadić sold Kosovo to the West, today he sold Karadžić, and tomorrow he will sell the whole Serbia.

4. The role of our allies from the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS, party of Slobodan Milosević) concerning this matter is at least disgusting. By forming a joint government with the collaborationists of Tadić, they undertook responsibility for the arrest and future murder of Radovan Karadžić.

5. In connection with the Radovan Karadžić’s arrest International Eurasian Movement (IEM) demands from the member of the high council of IEM, SPS leader Ivitsa Dachić to break any political relations with the Democratic Party of Tadić. Otherwise Dachić will be expelled from the Eurasian Movement and the collaboration agreement between our organizations will be nullified.

6. International Eurasian Movement and Eurasian Youth Union hereby declare that all Eurasian anti-globalization forces should turn to reciprocal actions. The USA and their marionettes’ global terror against free peoples of Eurasia should be answered with the adequate measures.

7. Such offensive figures as Madeleine Albright - the killer of the Serbian children, Carla Del Ponte - involved in the human organs trade, Andrey Kozyrev - American spy in Russia, Valentin Nalivaychenko - murderer of Ukrainian Jews of, war criminal Wesley Clark should be judged.

8. Eurasian Movement and Eurasian Youth Union hereby establish the Eurasian Tribunal providing juridical aid to the free peoples of Earth and against American fascism.

9. We accept the claims of countries, organizations and individuals against western and other states, media, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and citizens, involved in the pro-American crimes against humanity.

10. Eurasian Tribunal initiates political process against Boris Tadić, Victor Chernomyrdin, Carla Del Ponte, Javier Solana, Serge Brammerz, Bill Clinton, Wesley Clark, Khashima Tachi, Madeleine Albright, and against all other persons, responsible for the genocide of Serbian people in the 90-00 years.

11. Eurasian Tribunal will be grateful for any information, concerning the criminal activities of American Nazis and international terrorists, who act in the interests of the USA and Western countries, and also about the networks of their accomplices, informants and agents of influence all over the world.

12. Eurasian Tribunal undertakes to impartially gather materials as what regards the abovementioned persons in order to conduct an investigation within the shortest terms, to punish the guilty and to execute the sentence.

13. Technically this won’t be very complicated: still there are numerous countries not controlled by the American geopolitical power. Eurasian Tribunal proposes to create its subdivisions on their territories and to organize the delivery service of international criminals to these free countries for the performing of justice.

14. The Main office of the Eurasian Tribunal, which investigates the genocide of Serbian people, is located at: Russian Federation, Moscow, Kozhukhovskiy Proezd 12, str. 2. Phone +7 495 783 6866.

15. The case against international criminals, who arranged genocide of the Serbian people in favor of the United States of America, is now opened. All citizens, who have expert information on this matter, are requested to contact Eurasian Tribunal at the above address.

16. Eurasian Tribunal is ready to collaborate with all the NGO, media, states and individuals, which defend their sovereignty, human dignity and people’s will to peace and justice.


Translation: AB

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